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Patrick's Movement ~ Stepping Up
     Happy Wellness Birthday, Patrick!  As mothers and fathers do, we're amazed at how you've grown and progressed in a month's time.  He's now tipping the scales at 33 lbs, and The Patrick Movement couldn't be happier!   A day of green balloons, doggie yummies, gentle belly rubs and celebration was enjoyed by our boy! 

Doesn't matter how far Newark is from LA ~ Patrick's voice will be heard on May 6th!  A companion Patrick Rally will take place outside the LA County Courthouse - see our Event for exact location.  The gathering will be peaceful and will occur concurrently with "NJ State vs Kisha Curtis" at the Essex County Courthouse in Newark, NJ.  Our boy's sure going to get around that day!!

Our very own blogger, CeliaSue, most worthily blogged regarding the amazing effort, "A Gift from Patrick" and helped spread the word!  Please take a looksie at her blog, as it's a great read.  She's also working to enlist the support of several animal advocacy groups for several local events!  More to come about that later as plans develop! 

Just when one thinks the height of human kindness and altruism has been achieved - in walks Florida!  A wonderful initiative to provide pet food to "Pets for the Homeless", a FL charity organization dedicated to nourish  homeless peoples' pets.  For details, please swing by the Event note and let Jenna know your status.  Best part is you needn't reside in FL to support this cause for Patrick!  Each of us may provide food to shelters and remember to tell them "Patrick sent you" :) 

Our Iowa Movement is in the planning phase of soliciting donations from local merchants to benefit their animal shelter in Patrick's name.   Wonderful work, Iowa!!

      Not just Edith is from Maryland, but Lori too.   Lori (the Maryland page owner) purchased a domain name and created a website for all Marylanders regarding the Patrick Movement Maryland!  Please visit!  The website also spotlight's many of the target abuse cases we  support with our letters, emails and faxes ~ and she's provided all of your Movement state page links, too!

Despite the Movement's own "Little Miss Sunshine" being out of the loop secondary to her lap top's "blue screen of death", the amazing MA admins have stepped up, and because of them we learned that our MA Movement chapter has already begun writing to inform the MA legislature about Patrick.  AND a written response was provided back acknowledging a legislative endeavor to pass MA Bill S876, created to establish an animal abuse registry!  Patrick's voice is resonating loud and clear through you MA folks!

Our own NJ  Steve Turner provided a link to a site where we may download a  backup utility to save our FB pages!   Rockin' rollin' Steve also created an exceptionally well-written template letter to send to our legislative members along with individual state contact links, too.  Perfect for those not inclined to write and/or short on time ~ well, it's perfect for all of us, actually ~ Thank you, Steve!

Our NH chapter will be a participatory state in the "Rally for Patrick" held on May 6, 2011, as indicated HERE!  Concurrent with organizing their event, they've also become engaged in the campaign assuring all 6 felony counts are sought in "NH vs Jamie Labbe" - a most abhorrent case indeed.  Please sign the petition to the DA.  It takes a second and speaks reams!

Like the fresh air of spring, our New Jersey Movement's effort on behalf of Patrick is just as beautiful, welcomed and inspiring.  The innovative and generous initiative "A Gift from Patrick" made a positive impact to many animal shelters across the country and Canada this past weekend.  The lucky benefactors received checks, food, blankets, towels, toys and some folks even donated several hours of their time to assist shelter operations.  Across the country, minivans, cars and SUVs were loaded up for the trip and headed out to their shelter destinations - all in the name of Patrick.
         Because of this initiative and all of your sharing and 'get-the-word-out' efforts, many more dogs and cats throughout the country will enjoy delectable treats, nutritious food, toys and cozy bedding; and most likely we've all made a new friend or two while at the shelters!  Just as important, the name of Patrick was spread in a most beautiful way far and wide!

        If ever we worried about the future, the photo depicting Abby (above) with her boxes-of-plenty for the shelter pets should dispel your concern!  She also brought some information to introduce Patrick and his story to the shelter staff.  This picture represents the hallmark of "A Gift From Patrick" - thank you darling Abby and your mom, Joell Harley Walters!  HUGE bravo to Karen who devised this brilliant and worthy concept!!  Thank you every Patrick Movement participant!  Let's hear more of your stories of how Patrick's gifts were received:) 

        And New Jersey will participate in a peaceful rally outside the Essex County Courthouse on the day of the Patrick hearing, i.e. "State vs Kisha Curtis" on May 6, 2011.  The information's posted HERE

Oklahoma continues to generously volunteer more of her time and labor to all folks attending the Patrick Support rallies being held throughout the country.  She's offered to provide signs, at no cost, to all rally participants in Newark, NJ for Kisha Curtis's hearing - proving once again how unique Patrick Movement members are!!

Our OR chapter has taken on a cause in Patrick's name with considerable implications, but Patrick's Movement Oregon is all over it and attended a town meeting to address a recent case of animal fatality, Casper.  Through this group, local media was involved and they've actively engaged their local officials to address future cases, see HERE, and they've also begun a wonderful relationship with The Pongo Fund!  AND they will "Rally for Patrick" on May 6th in Portland, OR, see HERE! Go Oregon!!

Our PA folks have stepped up with "Pay It Forward for Patrick" (PAIFFP) to benefit local animal shelters.  Participating shelters will provide a 'wish list' to support the daily needs for nourishing and housing their resident animals to PAIFFP.  A list of participating shelters will be available on May 9, 2011, but in the interim volunteers from all over PA are soliciting/donating the supplies to be deliverred on May 28, 2011.  If you live in PA, please sign on to this event, because there's no better way to celebrate Patrick than paying it forward in his name!  Way to go PA! 

We all thank you for keeping our movement intact and rebuilding your pages after their demise last week.  Most especially, in the case of the new admin for Washington State - kudos to you for stepping up and rebuilding a strong base!  

The sunshine state will be a bit sunnier now, as a second page to address Florida's southern region was created by Laureen.  Thank you Laureen!   Please swing by & give her page some Patrick Movement "licks", as our very own Susan from Oregon enjoys saying.  Laureen's begun to plan an event, in Patrick's name, that will benefit local animal shelters!  More on that as the plans further unfold!

Getting the word out for the initiative to "Wear Green on May 6, 2011 for Patrick"!  I know my pups will!  Absolutely wonderful, and we really have no excuse not to.  Great job, Utah!!  Green will be all of our color that day!

   Snoop (seen here at 2-months-old), was a beautiful 5-month-old puppy who was literally starved to death and left to die alone on a cold WI sidewalk in late March by his abuser, Bryan Hutcherson.  The diligent efforts and focus of our Wisconsin Movement paid off, because they had moved en masse to thrust attention upon Snoop's case.  While not part of our Movement, notable mention must be given to Justice for Snoop, too.  So effective is this ongoing campaign, that the WI Circuit Court has been deluged - that's right folks - deluged - with over 500 faxes/emails per day!

The letter-writing campaign continues to be cordially directed at the DA, County Commissioner and other local officials and opposes any form of leniency for Mr. Hutcherson charges.  The affect was so great, local HSUS members were enlisted to support the court staff to record and file all of our letters!  Great job, Wisconsin and all of our members who pushed and continue to push this effort and send their faxes and emails!!  Our work isn't finished yet, and we mustn't relent!  Please visit the WI Movement page to obtain the info and continue to cordially voice your sentiments.
         It would be woefully remiss not to recognize the high level of personal dignity witnessed this past week relative to several unfortunate incidents.  Leaving it at that, thank you all for adhering to and advancing your agenda for Patrick's efforts and staying on the path of Patrick while abandoning the inconsequential agenda of others not associated with our cogent and essential endeavor for the betterment and awareness of companion animals in need.  An impressive, ethically sound group, indeed!

Edith & Lori:  Marylanders Get the Tweets!
     The Patrick Movement Twitter account is up and running, and we've merged the original account created by Edith with Maryland's!  No more than one Twitter account is beneficial to spread your efforts!  Bravo and thank you, Edith and Lori!!  Both ladies are from MD, coincidentally enough, and tweeting.  Lori is the page owner of our Maryland Movement chapter!  These two ladies are rockin' the house and spreading the word of your efforts and work to reform animal abuse law.  Lori's aim for Patrick is to hit 1M followers for The Patrick Movement, and her keyboard's smokin' hot!  Thank you Edith and Lori!!  COME FOLLOW US!

- April 17, 2011 -